The Kidz Gym Story

The Kidz Gym was founded by Jessica Lankes, with the love and support of her husband Dave and daughter Annabelle. 

After honing her skills with over 16 years in financial services, Jessica's journey took an intriguing turn that revealed her profound passion for children's holistic development. In 2020, her life took on new meaning with the birth of her daughter, Annabelle. Parenthood offered her a fresh perspective, deepening her commitment to the well-being of children.

However, it was the COVID-19 pandemic that truly crystallized her dedication. Witnessing firsthand the negative impacts of isolation, disrupted routines, and limited physical activities on children, Jessica recognized an urgent need for spaces that nurtured not only their physical health but also their emotional and cognitive growth. Fueled by her own experience as a mother and driven by her unwavering belief in the power and importance of holistic early childhood development, she embarked on a new entrepreneurial path by starting the Kidz Gym in Parker, CO.

With a primary focus on health and wellness, the Kidz Gym stands as a realization of her commitment to fostering an environment where children can thrive both physically and mentally.


Note From The Founder

In the beautiful chaos of raising children, we are all united by the common thread of wanting the best for our kids. It's this shared commitment that binds us together as a community of parents.

I find inspiration in the collective effort we make to provide our kids with a safe, loving, and nurturing environment. The love and care you invest in your children builds the foundation for their future.

May your days be filled with joy and your nights with restful sleep.  Thank you for being an amazing parent.

Jessica - Founder of the Kidz Gym, Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur

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