Three Peas

Ready, set, go! Three Peas are on the move, enhancing motor development, eye-hand coordination, and fine motor skills. With language blossoming, they follow instructions independently, making each gymnastics class an adventure of learning and fun.

Three year old boy in the gym pit

Three-year-olds are ready to go! Three Peas are gaining increased motor development, eye-hand coordination, and fine motor skills! Three Peas are also quickly assimilating language and can understand and independently follow basic instructions in gymnastics class. 

The Three Pea curriculum is designed to provide skill development on the floor, bean bars, and vault. Three Peas work on forward rolls, straddle rolls, and Three Pea cartwheels. They increase their balance with beam work, including alternating forward kicks, squat holds, relev√© walks, and beam crawls. 

Three Peas develop core strength by learning to draw to a tuck from a straight hang on the bars and execute forward rolls over the bar. Their vault skills include punching the board with both feet, squatting onto a block, and donkey kicks. 

Three Peas are introduced to instructions incorporating spatial, sequential, and directional cues. They are continuing to develop an understanding of differences in color, shape, and size.

The developing independence of Three Peas helps them participate in structured circuit sequences as they prepare for more independent activities in the Three Pea program.

Three Peas is designed to provide a multi-sensory, educational gymnastics experience that promotes brain development, social development, and overall well-being through active learning.

The Sweet Pea curriculum provides early opportunities for three-year-olds to learn language skills, differentiation skills, sequencing, color and shape recognition, and more, all while actively engaged in physical movement. We know that gymnastics is fun, and we know that learning is important.

Our progressive curriculum expertly incorporates early childhood learning with active learning gymnastics in a gentle and fun environment.

We know that children learn best when they are moving! Three Peas is an amazing program that provides your child with unparalleled physical, social, and developmental opportunities.

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$ 125

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