Four Peas

Get ready for action! Four Peas are on the go, running, hopping, climbing, and building strength. With a need for active play, our program ensures they have ample opportunities to explore, swing, and bounce for a minimum of 60-90 minutes a day.

Four year old girl at the gym

Four-year-olds are on the go! Four Peas can run, hop, climb, and throw a ball. Their increasing coordination makes them faster and more deliberate. Their increasing strength makes them able to perform many new gymnastics skills. They need at least 60-90 minutes of active play daily and opportunities to run, build, swing, and bounce!

Their increasing strength makes them able to perform many new gymnastics skills. Their cognitive development grows by leaps and bounds, and they can interpret and remember learning objectives. 

Four Peas can recognize and name many letters and numbers. They can count in unison and repeat simple stories and sequences.

The Four Pea curriculum embraces the four-year-old’s readiness for learning and provides a dynamic educational gymnastics environment. 

Four Peas work on forward, straddle, and backward rolls on both a wedge and the floor. They are practicing straighter legs and longer holds in executing their skills. 

Four Peas are working on their balance with skills on the beam such as straight jumps, alternating kick possé sequences, and Four Pea arabesques. Four Peas are gaining speed and accuracy on the vault. They are mastering their squat-on, donkey kicks with horizontal hips and jumping on and off a block.

The educational gymnastics focus for Four Peas continues with number and letter recognition, group counting, group singing, increased differentiation of left and right, positive peer interactions and increased independence in following instructions and participating in structured station-based activities.

We know that children learn best when they are moving. Many Four Peas are preparing for kindergarten. The Four Peas program provides an educational environment where children can experience active learning, predictable structure, positive peer associations, successful independence from parents and balanced learning.

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