Two Peas

Marvel at the amazing progress of your Two Pea as they gain independence and master new skills. Our program capitalizes on the rapid physical, cognitive, and language development of two-year-olds, fostering growth and confidence.

Two year olds sitting on gym balls assited by instructors

Two-year-olds are amazing, and they are gaining independence! The Two Peas program is designed to capitalize on their rapidly improving physical, cognitive, and language development. The Two Pea curriculum offers gross motor skill development opportunities with whole-body activities in developmentally appropriate circuits.

Two Peas learn to run with developing synchronization; step, hold, and balance on alternate feet; roll forward, sideways, and backward on a wedge with a spot; and transfer weight from feet to hands and back.

Two Peas play (or observe play) interactively structured games with other Two Peas classmates. They sing and perform physical motions to familiar songs. They are introduced to recognition, compare-and-contrast, and distinction concepts through basic shapes in equipment and learning resources used in class.

Two Peas begin recognizing colors through class materials and activities, reciting numbers through counting or listening while performing physical motions, and increasing their language development through physical activities promoting word association.

The Two Pea program is designed to provide a multi-sensory educational gymnastics experience that prepares the Two Pea to engage their occipital lobes through experience with shape patterns and colors. The Two Pea curriculum engages the little one's temporal and frontal lobes and promotes higher cognitive processing through language, words, and tone.

Children learn best when they are moving. We know that the more regions of the brain we can engage in learning, the more significant the impact on learning will be.

Our Two Pea goal is to provide fun, quality gymnastics activities that foster the critical neural development of our amazing two-year-olds.

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$ 85

  • One class weekly

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$ 136

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